I’m Actually Impressed

I’ve been not working for 6 weeks now. I’ve gone through a roller coaster when thinking about the state I am in. On one hand I am scared out of my mind that I’ll end up lazy and poor on the other hand I am so optimistic about myself. I need both hands to keep myself in check. One is for me to reach towards the other is to keep me from complacency.

I’m working on my resume today. I decided I’m going to work on it for 30 minutes for a couple of days. In looking over my skills, education, and what my experiences have been from working at Forba Dev Shop I feel a big jolt in pride. I’m so proud of myself for what I did and what I learned there. I was so lucky to have landed that position and to have had the opportunity that I did – to have Brian, Isaac and Brian believe in me that way.

Anyways, back to resume work.


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