Rule Book for Achieving goal


Follow through with my plans – climb each and every step it takes to get there no how tired I feel and how much of a struggle it is at the moment.


These are the thoughts and feelings that pike up now and then within me. It’s the voice that tells me “I am not quitting this”…”I can do this”.


This is the scene I play in my head where I’ve reached the beginning of success. I’ve made the climb.

You see – this mountain has been made easier by those before me. They’ve hacked away at the branches, paved a path where dirt and un-leveled rocks use to be, and there, they laid down stones for stepping. All the while climbing the very same mountain I’m fighting to climb.


Respect and honor the plans I make to get to where I want to be.


Rome was not built in one day. In fact, Rome is still being built – and it’s been 1,009,491 days so far. Learning something new is frustrating. At times I feel as though my pace is proof of my inadequacy and proof that I will never achieve this goal. But, when I remind myself to be patient – I realize that the speed  I learn doesn’t correlate with the success I may have.


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