The Good, The Bad, The Update

The Good:

I figured out how to set up a Domain (purchased for a buck and some change), set up Hosting (for free at Byethost), got Filezilla up and running, and got up and running with the Barnes and Noble test page I’ve been doing.

The feeling:

I feel pretty accomplished by doing that. It always seemed so difficult at Barkley (it probably is but mine is smaller and simpler). It feels good to have something looking pretty good. I still have a bit to go with this test site including: adding bells and whistles (slider and carousel), cross browser check and bug fixes.

Here is what it looks like:


The Bad:

I haven’t worked out since Sunday (that’s 3 days straight, not including today). I’ve been snacking a lot in those three days.

The feeling:

Not great – I don’t feel very committed and determined as last week. I don’t feel like I’m working towards something with my body.


The Update:

I’ve been over at Luke’s since Monday. I still feel a bit off with not having a full time job but doing nails on Friday and Sundays I think will help. I started that last week. The good thing about picking up those shift is the money I can use towards my current lifestyle and journey towards my goal.

I’ll be able to handle not finding a sub-leaser financially. I’ll have to get a loan out for the Bootcamp class but my parents will help with those payments for the time being and I will repay them once I land my first front-end development job.

The feeling:

I’m feeling pretty good overall. Not perfect but not terrible. I feel like I’m working towards something, either my health or my career (it’s hard to get both going at the same time! This week is evident of that). I’m excited to have a skill to sell after Bootcamp and I’m excited to move to California. It’ll be a change in environment and a change in people.




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