This week may be a week of many – up 3 lbs.

Remember that half bag of kettle chips that I ate? Well – it was just the tip of the ice berg for this week.

I am up 3 lbs.

The do’s I am not proud of this week:

  • no workouts since last Saturday
  • intake of Chinese food, chips, soda, ice cream, and candy
  • Thursday no coding was completed
  • clingy like a 5 year old
  • I haven’t been tracking my money

rain clouds

The do’s I am proud of:

  • domain set up – not letting that pride die just yet
  • getting the page looking pretty good
  • keeping to my 3rd day meat day – woo!
    • big step since I binged but still kept this promise
  • getting out of bed 2 hours before work this morning
    • it was a fight and was aided b/c I had to leave Luke’s apartment, but I went straight back to my bed. I got myself to get out of bed, prep lunch for work today, had breakfast, and blog.
  • the email I sent to my dad in Vietnamese – calling the insurance guy as well and registering dad’s houses


The feeling:

Overall – I think everyone needs their vices. It’s what reminds me that I am human and that I am no better than anyone else (sometimes when I get really healthy and fit, I get big headed). It’s proof of how difficult staying healthy can be for someone like me (a recovering Binge Eater?). And proof of how much of an accomplishment it is to reach a goal.

Also – it’s a wake up call. Perhaps something wasn’t working, maybe I was too strenuous on myself. I’ll have two off days instead of just one.

And, I’ve been doing very very well overall. Here is a look for some perspective (green are kick ass days whereas yellows are slow down days:

2016 Progress



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