Comfort of Fullness – yellow day continued

I got off of work last night at 8:30 pm. I hadn’t had dinner yet. I ransacked the kitchen as if the kitchen stole from me. I gobbled and gobbled until I felt really full. I realized, I felt a type of comfort feeling full. It was strange.


Sometimes I don’t know what to do – and I don’t want to do anything either.

I don’t want to run.

I don’t want to learn code.

I don’t want to hangout with anyone.

I don’t want to be alone.

I don’t want to watch t.v.

I don’t want to sleep.

One thing I know that makes me feel good is eating good food. That’s the reason I binge.

I don’t think it’s depression – I don’t feel sad. I just feel…apathy. But apathy could be the precursor to a depressive state.

Either continuous eating or continuous maintenance of physical activity helps.


Pros of binge eating:

The food is so good

Self control I no longer have to have

Feeling full feels so good

Total score: 3

Cons of binge eating:

Weight gain

increase inactivity

no long term investment in happiness

health deterioration

brain fuzz

Total score: 6

Pros of healthy lifestyle:

Always feeling good about body

Confidence, feel smarter

More risk taking

Strong, endurance

Not lazy



Total score: 7

Cons of healthy lifestyle:


Lots of energy required – takes lots of work

Lack of tasty food

Total score: 3


Binging: Pro = 3, Con =6

Healthy Lifestyle: Pro: 7, Con = 3

Con of binging wins and Pro of healthy lifestyle wins.


There you have it. I’m going to go on a run now.



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