The Good, The Bad, The Update

The Good:

Back at it with working out. Slowly getting back into the groove. Last week, when I wasn’t working out often, Luke was. I typically would feel even worst about myself – when someone around me starts working out and I’m feeling lousy. I realize, hell, I’ve started long before he did, and when I was working out – he wasn’t. Because of that, I have nothing to feel bad about.

So green are good days, yellow are slow me down days. What’s interesting is that I feel as though green days go by fast. When I was highlighting this calendar, I was surprised my good day started back on Sunday. Whereas yellow days seem like they go by so slow and are so heavy.



The Bad:

I feel as though I’m slacking on the code learning, I am going oh so very slow. I don’t feel too too terrible because 1) it’s hard to stay focused. I read an article about why programming is hard. What clicked with me is the fact that keeping your mind focused on a topic that is new and not easily/quickly absorbed makes it much easier to lose motivation/concentration. 2) I’m going to bootcamp to kick me into gear 3) I don’t have direction or a mentor at the moment.

The update:

Yesterday I completed my taxes (WHOO!). Which means I will have a few hundred dollars more than I was counting whilst budgeting. I’m feeling really good about that and getting it done. Also, today, Cheeto’s Cosequin is coming in. I’m really REALLY hoping he gets his mojo back once he’s been on it for a month.




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