Discouragement & Encouragement

I feel discouraged. What triggered it were:

  1. Someone mentioned that they are learning how to do front-end development and they average about 20 hours a week doing so.
    • My reaction – I barely hit 20 hours each week. I’ve been doing it since January now. I should be farther than I am. They’re probably working AND learning which makes them more passionate and more apt to succeed in this. 
  2. I read reviews on Code Academy and a handful of people said that although it’s good for beginners, it only touches the surface of coding. There’s SO MUCH MORE TO IT.
    • My reaction – my god, right now I am struggling with JQuery exercises and these people are telling me it’s just the tip of the iceberg. I can’t do this, I’m not smart enough.
  3. I hopped over to Khan Academy to try to learn JQuery but I  can’t even answer the preliminary HTML and CSS questions I SHOULD already know. This backs up the thought that I am not smart enough for this.
    • My reaction – What am I doing – can I really do this? I can’t focus today.



The world is still turning. I am still breathing.

I am smart enough.

    • I know nothing about this 20 hours a week person – absolutely nothing about them. I don’t know what they do during the day, I don’t know what they do during the night. I don’t know who they are outside of what they do.
    • Yes, I started in January. Every person has their own speed of learning, every person has their own ‘process’. What works for them doesn’t work for me. What does work globally are sacrifices and effort.
    •  It’s true that what I’m doing is just the tip of the iceberg – I knew that. I knew that there is SO MUCH MORE to learn when it comes to programming. Even the most knowledgeable person has more to learn when it comes to programming. It doesn’t end. — BUT THAT’S THE BEAUTY OF PROGRAMMING. If there was an end to it, there won’t be an option for learning. There wouldn’t be amazing and efficient and mind blowing programs out there.
    • Programming is hard. The speed at which it ‘clicks’ for me does not correlate with whether or not I can reach my goal. It may affect when I REACH my goal. It may feel tiresome, the thought that it’ll take ‘forever’ to reach my goal – but on the bright side, ‘forever’ I will have something to reach for.
    • Every learning program teaches differently. Their method and their quiz reflects what they’ve been teaching their students. I haven’t been learning their way so I don’t get it as easily as if it were through W3Schools.


I know I can do this, because I will do this. 

success kid



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