The Good, the bad, and a short update

The Bad:

  • This week’s hours are low low low – I have been a bit lost and directionless
  • I have periods of self – doubt with coding – mainly because I feel directionless


The Good:

  • I also have periods of confidence to counteract the self doubt 🙂
  • I started reading the coding books Luke gave me last night. So far – it’s been very eye opening. Although, I am going over things I already know, it’s nice to learn a bit more of why things are used. I think these books are going to be very helpful moving forward
  • This week I’ve worked out as I have planned, I’ve been using the sauna every morning. My skin feels pretty soft
  • I talked with Chi Be Em yesterday and caught up with her – I’ve been feeling guilty because I’ve been not returning her phone calls
  • This first half of the month I did very well in staying with my budget
  • The workout gear Luke’s given me have all been working great – the heart monitor, the blue-tooth ear buds








It’s awesome to see more bullet points under good 🙂

The Update:

Calendar progress:





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