2 Drunk Nights & Gluttony

As the title says – these past 3 nights were filled with alcohol & food.

The bad:

  • Friday night:
    • Made myself dinner then drank 4 shots and binged on chips and salsa
  • Saturday night:
    • Went out, had around 5 shots then destroyed a 10 piece chicken nugget, fries, a big-mac, and a double quarter pounder (w/o buns) all after already having dinner
  • Sunday night:
    • Went to Choga, had spicy squid and Bulgogi, rice, and side dishes. Had truffle fries at the movie theater and a few pieces of gummy worms
  • Went out to Choga even though Luke already bought steaks for dinner (saving it for Wednesday)

images (1)

The good:

  • Made a really good tip from a client Sunday night ($20!)
  • Sunday was also a really good day, I think I made a lot
  • Became quicker at painting Gel nails and such
  • Had a really good workout on Saturday


Calendar Update:

My goal for this week/weekend from Monday – Saturday all day. I can do it!



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