The Good, The Bad, an Update

The Bad:

  • Thoughts are running away from me again
  • I’ve been snacking – but not terribly binging – just snacking
  • I haven’t been too patient with my mom
  • I work Friday, Saturday, and Sundays now
  • I’m not beautiful

The Good:

  • I’ve continued to workout despite my low feeling
    • I missed this mornings but will play soccer to make up for it. Saturday will be my rest day as the soccer game is at midnight, Sunday will be my high intensity work out
  • I talked with her this morning. I may see my family tonight for dinner
  • I work Friday, Saturday, and Sundays now. I’m going to be thankful when I’m in California and have no source of income for a few months (maybe half a year)
  • Still loving the coding books Luke got me, I feel like I’m making progress and have a system of learning going.
  • I’m learning something new every single day (with coding)
  • Everyone is beautiful

The Update:

This week I’ve mainly spent time over at Luke’s.Unlike the last week of January, I had more green days (that week I was over at Luke’s the whole time).

Yellow days are still hanging on tight, but I’m getting them to dwindle down slowly. Green days are putting up a strong fight.


I’ve been sweating a lot more when I work out. I don’t know if it’s because I work out harder, I’ve started to sit in the sauna, or because my hormones are fluctuating since stopping  birth control. Regardless of the reason, I like it because it makes me feel like I’m having a good workout.

Other thoughts:

  • I’m chalking this week’s mood up to PMS although my period has been hiding its head. It punches me here and there but has yet to show up to the match.
  • There is a difference between confident and cockiness. Confident = not needing others approval to be happy with decisions you make, cockiness = showing off your decisions as proof of why you are better than others. 
    • I’ve always needed others approval so when I begin to not need it, I feel as if I’m being cocky – I must remind myself that I am instead, being confident.

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