March Madness

This month has been an interesting month.

Money spent, gone gone gone.

Alcohol consumed, drank drank drank.

Food binged, nom nom nom.

Workout well maintained (other than this week, only Wednesday at the gym).

I hung out with Charlotte Wednesday. I was only anticipating it to be dinner, but, wine and sake’s were present. We bar hopped, I got pretty drunk. I ate till I couldn’t feel my stomach anymore. I had to throw it up. Now I’m feeling the consequence. The weird strained feeling in my lungs.

Yesterday was a great study day. I devoted hours that I have yet to this month – and I feel terribly ashamed of that. I hung out with Sue and Loan as well, had four watered down shots of Jameson and a beer. We went to Power and Light to watch X-Ambassadors. They were alright, the music didn’t really move my bones but the lead singer was quite entertaining and energetic. I should mention that I did not want to go, I was tired and not in the mood for socializing. But I did, and I’m glad I did. It was a good time overall.


I’m feeling the wrath again. Up until Wednesday night things were great (food wise). Yesterday I was so moody for no reason, that led up to my binge.

If I were given one wish, and I was going to be very selfish about it, I would wish that this binging demon was out of me. I guess everyone has their demons though, mine just gets reflected if I let her win too many days.

What else…

I stayed up really late last night web-surfing. I finally ended on a very sad topic. The beheading of Kinji Goto, a Japanese man covering the suffereings in Syria. Captured and killed by Isis. So many people (only men that I’ve seen) have been beheaded. I don’t know entirely why. I can’t imagine a thing like that

Also, in other news. This kid from Virginia (I think) stole a banner from a North Korean hotel in an area that was off limits. He just got sentenced to 15 years in jail..15 YEARS IN JAIL.

Ok – time to get ready for work.

BoBlyan, you strong, beautiful, smart woman you, make me proud damn it. MAKE ME PROUD.

P.S. Kim went on a third date with this gentleman last night and didn’t get home till almost 2 a.m. Hot diggity damn, ow ow.



The up

I’ve been feeling pretty good.

This week I’ve spent time with my parents, a wee bit with Rochelle , Trish and my roomies.

I’m really going to miss Kansas City. I think I’m going to be pretty homesick.

I missed this morning’s workout but I vow to stay nutritional today.

Also, there’s this scratch or something in my throat.

The Good, The Bad, The Update

The Bad: 

  • Last week and this week I’ve spent very little time coding
    • this has caused me to be self-conscious about my ability to be successful in this field
  • I feel as if I was weird yesterday with the my roommates
  • I skipped the gym yesterday
  • I’ve spent more money on fast-food than I should have
  • I have to get a new phone from Columbia
  • My car is acting up again (stalling while driving slow)
  • I have a virus on my computer

The Good:

  • I’m alive!
  • I still enjoy coding and learning – it gets difficult because it can be hard to learn.
    • I can do this, I really can do it
    • I’ll always have great weeks and not so great weeks – that goes for my fitness and nutrition
  • I have no evidence of my weirdness yesterday with the my roommates. I’m human, they’re human. I’m not a mind reader. And – so what if I was weird? I am, a bit of a weirdo but that’s what makes me BoBlyan.
  • I will go to the gym today, damn it!
  • I’ve been doing so so well at controlling my fast food expenditures, it’s okay to have a week like this now and then! And I’ve been working hard at the nail salon as well.
  • I get a new phone tomorrow. And I get a road trip with my love. And, in the long run, $200 is not so bad. I will become a front-end developer, $200 will not seem so bad.
  • My car still runs at least
  • I will get rid of this virus sooner or later

The Update:

I dog sat for Krish last night. I ran out of the back door to grab his dog and the door locked on me (I unknowingly set this setting). I tried for a good 10 minutes to get in through the garage but I just couldn’t remember the code. So, I laid on the porch figuring out what to do. It was 3-4 a.m.

I finally decided to walk to find someone, at this point it was 5ish. I had no shoes, no bra, a long sleeve shirt and shorts on. I found someone on the main road at a car wash. I had Klondikes collar because it had Krish’s number on it. I called twice and thank goodness he answered!

Made it back to the house, got in and showered. It was quite a night. Things I learned:

  • Doors may lock on you
  • Don’t depend on another to save a code for you (Luke had the code and he wasn’t with me).
  • Memorize Luke’s number!
  • There are very kind people out there

Today, I am determined to spend 4 hours on code, and 1.5 hours at the gym.

I didn’t keep track of green and yellow days last week, so I just have this past Saturday to Monday. Not great : / but, not great = room for improvement.


New Goals!

  • Get ready for the day everyday
  • Clean up after myself
  • Good hygiene (brush teeth 2x a day)
  • Plan & prep to follow through