The Good, The Bad, The Update

The Bad: 

  • Last week and this week I’ve spent very little time coding
    • this has caused me to be self-conscious about my ability to be successful in this field
  • I feel as if I was weird yesterday with the my roommates
  • I skipped the gym yesterday
  • I’ve spent more money on fast-food than I should have
  • I have to get a new phone from Columbia
  • My car is acting up again (stalling while driving slow)
  • I have a virus on my computer

The Good:

  • I’m alive!
  • I still enjoy coding and learning – it gets difficult because it can be hard to learn.
    • I can do this, I really can do it
    • I’ll always have great weeks and not so great weeks – that goes for my fitness and nutrition
  • I have no evidence of my weirdness yesterday with the my roommates. I’m human, they’re human. I’m not a mind reader. And – so what if I was weird? I am, a bit of a weirdo but that’s what makes me BoBlyan.
  • I will go to the gym today, damn it!
  • I’ve been doing so so well at controlling my fast food expenditures, it’s okay to have a week like this now and then! And I’ve been working hard at the nail salon as well.
  • I get a new phone tomorrow. And I get a road trip with my love. And, in the long run, $200 is not so bad. I will become a front-end developer, $200 will not seem so bad.
  • My car still runs at least
  • I will get rid of this virus sooner or later

The Update:

I dog sat for Krish last night. I ran out of the back door to grab his dog and the door locked on me (I unknowingly set this setting). I tried for a good 10 minutes to get in through the garage but I just couldn’t remember the code. So, I laid on the porch figuring out what to do. It was 3-4 a.m.

I finally decided to walk to find someone, at this point it was 5ish. I had no shoes, no bra, a long sleeve shirt and shorts on. I found someone on the main road at a car wash. I had Klondikes collar because it had Krish’s number on it. I called twice and thank goodness he answered!

Made it back to the house, got in and showered. It was quite a night. Things I learned:

  • Doors may lock on you
  • Don’t depend on another to save a code for you (Luke had the code and he wasn’t with me).
  • Memorize Luke’s number!
  • There are very kind people out there

Today, I am determined to spend 4 hours on code, and 1.5 hours at the gym.

I didn’t keep track of green and yellow days last week, so I just have this past Saturday to Monday. Not great : / but, not great = room for improvement.


New Goals!

  • Get ready for the day everyday
  • Clean up after myself
  • Good hygiene (brush teeth 2x a day)
  • Plan & prep to follow through

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