March Madness

This month has been an interesting month.

Money spent, gone gone gone.

Alcohol consumed, drank drank drank.

Food binged, nom nom nom.

Workout well maintained (other than this week, only Wednesday at the gym).

I hung out with Charlotte Wednesday. I was only anticipating it to be dinner, but, wine and sake’s were present. We bar hopped, I got pretty drunk. I ate till I couldn’t feel my stomach anymore. I had to throw it up. Now I’m feeling the consequence. The weird strained feeling in my lungs.

Yesterday was a great study day. I devoted hours that I have yet to this month – and I feel terribly ashamed of that. I hung out with Sue and Loan as well, had four watered down shots of Jameson and a beer. We went to Power and Light to watch X-Ambassadors. They were alright, the music didn’t really move my bones but the lead singer was quite entertaining and energetic. I should mention that I did not want to go, I was tired and not in the mood for socializing. But I did, and I’m glad I did. It was a good time overall.


I’m feeling the wrath again. Up until Wednesday night things were great (food wise). Yesterday I was so moody for no reason, that led up to my binge.

If I were given one wish, and I was going to be very selfish about it, I would wish that this binging demon was out of me. I guess everyone has their demons though, mine just gets reflected if I let her win too many days.

What else…

I stayed up really late last night web-surfing. I finally ended on a very sad topic. The beheading of Kinji Goto, a Japanese man covering the suffereings in Syria. Captured and killed by Isis. So many people (only men that I’ve seen) have been beheaded. I don’t know entirely why. I can’t imagine a thing like that

Also, in other news. This kid from Virginia (I think) stole a banner from a North Korean hotel in an area that was off limits. He just got sentenced to 15 years in jail..15 YEARS IN JAIL.

Ok – time to get ready for work.

BoBlyan, you strong, beautiful, smart woman you, make me proud damn it. MAKE ME PROUD.

P.S. Kim went on a third date with this gentleman last night and didn’t get home till almost 2 a.m. Hot diggity damn, ow ow.



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