Convo with Mom

I have so much respect for the struggle and successes that my mom and dad accumulated throughout their lifetime.

But dang.

Can a girl get some support on her decision and belief in her abilities?

This is how I perceived the telephone conversation I just had with my mom:

Mom: Your dad and I have been struggling since childhood. We started with small difficulties when we were small, then adopted bigger difficulties when we were bigger. After we immigrated, we worked our butt off and saved our money. We’re at a place now, where we can live the retired lifestyle.

Me: That’s awesome, and I’m so happy that you are at that point where you can enjoy life now. You both deserve it.

I proceed to request for advice on whether or not I should apply for an online prep course which costs under $200 or apply for an in person course where it’s $1200. I listed the pros and cons.

Mom: You should do the online course to see if you like it. If you do, then you can invest in the full blown course

Me: That makes sense, I’ll do the online course

Then she puts on her punching gloves.

Mom: You should look into real estate. If I were your age, I’d do that. Community college has a lot of courses you can take that is inexpensive but will lead to a career as well. California is going to be so difficult and a struggle for you.I had a client that only took courses for exactly what she wanted then used that to land a job instead of going for a degree. What have you used your degree for?


It’s okay though. It’s a bit funny actually. When I thought about asking her, apart of me thought ‘do I really want wound up this music box?’ I did..and it played a familiar tune. Wrapped up in the discouragement was sound advice. And that’s what I needed. Any who. That’s my rant.


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