She Said Impossible

You’re unattractive, you’re unintellegent

You’re overweight, you’re under pressure

You’re wasting time, you’re wasting money

You need to get your life together

Put up the typewriter and the papers

Get up from bed put on your shoes

Trade in your creativity for excel sheets

Dreams don’t come true for someone like you

And that was the last thing that she said to me

the last time I called her a friend

still there are days she demands to visit

That frightened girl within

But another voice grows stronger and louder

until I can no longer hear the naysayers

and on days when she demands to visit

this voice shouts back in a voice much greater

You ARE beautiful and you ARE wise

You ARE the perfect shape and size

You’re not in debt and you HAVE time

You’ve got the fire to self actualize

Still I can hear her as I think

Her doubts fueled by what she couldn’t see

her words a challenge I accept

She said ‘impossible!’, I said ‘watch me’.


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