There will be silence.


Brittle bones, and you, all alone.

Beneath the ground, there will be coldness,

as you lay inside your final throne.


Time’s now on your side, but not for long.

Don’t be afraid of dying.

Do, though, be afraid of not living.


So let the bells roar

throughout the town.

I’ll taste the pain,

can’t knock me down.

I’ll face the dark,

I’ll touch the light,

I’ll live and laugh,

I’ll learn to fight!

I am not scared.

Tear me apart.

I trust myself,

and in my heart.

And when it hurts,

I’ll feel alive.

Won’t run away,

or avert my eyes.


I’m not afraid anymore.


More time is spent in your final throne than above the ground. Embrace that terrifying, confusing, and sometimes painful chaos, for right now, you are not alone.

Word Prompt


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