Doing bad feeling good

Is it bad to let go of a relationship that felt pure on paper?

Is it bad to hook up with your first boyfriend because you needed release and its been a while?

Is it bad to daydream about your best friends older brother who you’ve had a fling with? Who’s now single?

Is it bad to think you’re hot shit just because you started running again?

And that job you were certain you weren’t getting…is it bad to be big headed after getting the job offer?

I feel I should feel bad. Like I must prepare for the dirt that will shower me to remind me that I am a nobody and happiness…true happiness isn’t something achievable by the likes of me. My actions and daydreams are pompous and makes me a terrible person. Something will blow up in my face. I’ll fall for my booty call/ex boyfriend, I’ll fall off the run wagon, the job offer will somehow retract itself.

Even in my strongest moments, I am weakened by doubt.

Nothing good ever lasts. Is confidence one of them?

Confidence is not a hazard. Its exploration of new frontiers. Confidence is not proving to others who you think you are, but actually being who you are without needing to convince others.


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