Life Laws

  1. I shall not let this body starve. It has done nothing but work for me for the past 26 years. If you’re hungry body, I got you
  2. I shall not let this body lose control. The world is built for bingers so I will be strong and motivate you to work out daily. Exercise makes you feel good, and it makes you look better than you not working out. Two pluses
  3. I shall not greet myself by staring at my reflection whenever I can. I will instead be driven by feeling, rather than what I see
  4. I shall not let “sexy” be any sort of goal in dress and behavior
  5. I shall not procrastinate. Shoving so much to do in little time creates stress. It messes up your entire schedule and it will take great effort to stabilize once again.
  6. I shall not be complacent. I will not stop pushing myself to uncomfortable limits. One day, what was uncomfortable will become comfortable and I’ll be off to more challenging things. Aim for grunts and sweat waterfalls.



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