Old Turtle


Yesterday I went over to Leighann’s place. Tyler was coming home last night so I helped her clean. I’m glad I came over because I did help her quite a bit. The apartment looks really nice now. We came across and old turtle on the road as we were heading back to her place. Two teens were standing next to him as we slowly drove by on Barry Road. They looked clueless as to what to do with the turtle that was about a foot onto the street ready to cross four lanes of traffic. We turned around at the next turn and got out the car to see the situation. There was a man who said, I think, that he was calling Animal Control. I thought that would take too long and I don’t trust Animal Control. So she and I devised a plan to pick him up and run him across the street. I did the labor.

The first time I picked him up, he was kicking and snapping his neck, trying to bite me. So I set him back down again. I asked Leighann for a towel to drape over him, and luckily she did have a white towel. After the towel was over his whole body, I picked him up again and Leighann and I ran him across the road. Dropping him next to a little slither of wooded area. He was quite the old man.

It got me thinking about good deeds. To us, what we did was a good deed. But maybe, we had upset some sort of circle of life ring. What if his death would have fed a family of foxes or something. Who knows, but I do know it’s not always a good thing to meddle with the forces of nature. I guess I feel ok about it since cars are not apart of nature and shouldn’t be a weapon against animals.

Anyways, that was an interesting time. On to work update:

Yesterday’s workload was good. I felt I did much better yesterday, but then again, Mindy was the one to review me. Today is Simone so it will be tougher. I’ll get started on it now.


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