Into the Wild

I feel like Chris McCandless, whom Into the Wild was based on. He was led into the wild by humble aspirations and pursuit of personal growth but his pursuit ended up killing him. I am afraid my aspirations will be the death of me. Aspirations typically put the dreamer out in the world which means they are more at risk for facing dangers.The reason I am thinking about this because of the increasing seriousness of my desire to travel – well – to state hop.

State Hop 2017: December ~ travel to a completely new state and work from there for 4 days. Activities are: running, museums, new foods.

This idea to state-hop came about while running. I thought of running as a way for me to explore. In Hayward, California, this week I’ve used running as a cheap and safe way to explore my sister’s area while building endurance. My first stop is going to be Portland, Oregon for obvious reasons. The big trip I want to work towards is Amsterdam.

So the fear kicks in when I think about traveling alone ~ staying at an AirBnB ~ running outside more often in an unfamiliar area. I should be fearful. The world outside our walls is a dangerous place, as it’s been for billions of years. There is real danger out there, but there’s also opportunity for growth and experience out there. So, like the hunter that I am, my desire is to explore safely…which now that I’m thinking about it, should require self defense.

Steps to State Hop:

Save money > research about destination (read) > booking of travel/stay/transportation > self defense class…? > Develop ‘Running High’

I will try this once, at the very least.

The last item is Running High, where users can post short epiphanies they have while running. I want to first target runners, then develop from there if it catches on beyond running.

Running High – a Twitter for epiphanies occurring during a run

Running High vs. Highdeas – RH will be strictly epiphanies during a run vs. Highdeas where there isn’t a lot of limitation on what can be posted.

Aim – To capture epiphanies before it flies away on a platform where others can applaud the thought or recycle it (meaning can be built upon?).

Theme – Camera/photography?

Slogan – Thought Snapshot?

Identifying words – Catch it (write out thought before it’s forgotten). This does not match the camera theme though

Real World Example of Usage

[Addition to entry next morning]

Example  input: “In the wild, animals have mating calls and it’s completely acceptable. I wish there were mating calls for humans where we can just twerk and automatically men will flock to you – and it’s completely acceptable.”

Example Feedback (emoji form?): 

Applaud = people enjoyed it

Can’t Breath = laughing too hard

Sleep = that comment proves you’re too high

There will be a comment section where people are encouraged to provide productive discussions.

Add-on: a doodle board for people to draw out the scenario or thought. It would be funny to see a drawing of my example input.

I should be off to bed since I have work at 6 am…but I’m in the living room where my parents are snoring loudly on the couch and I am a bit antsy.



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