2 Stolen Days, Pretty Boys & Travel


Southwest had technological glitches that grounded many flights nationwide. My flight, set for Wednesday at 8:15pm, was included in the group of flights that was canceled. Because of that, I had to reschedule my flight to Saturday, flying out at 3pm and landing at 10 pm. This gives me two extra days in California. It’s better sweet, here are the pros and cons:


  • More time with Nathan & Family
  • More time to explore California
  • Weather is enjoyable
  • Work 6-3 = off earlier in the day


  • Missing Wisconsin trip

So, the list is much longer under Pros so that makes me feel better BUT I was really excited for the Wisconsin trip with everyone 😦 I’m really bummed about that.

But, another pro to add to the list is the abundance of great looking men here. I went to a street festival that happened to be right outside of Mo’s restaurant and noticed that there were so many good looking men around! There were many interracial relationships, many mixed looking people, I loved it. Is it bad of me to want to really good looking guy to call mine and to be able to stare at him at will?

That leads me to my physical fitness. It’s becoming a point to me to get into shape so that I can attract a very good looking man. I don’t know how shallow that is, so I may judge myself for this in the future. I’ve been snacking at night, high on potcholates, so that’s slowed down my progress.

Good news is I’ve been running almost every day and I will after work today. Yesterday’s run was a good example of explorative running. I just ran where I wanted just to see what’s on the other side of the horizon. I’m stoked for doing this in Portland. Although, I’ll have to come to terms with doing activities alone where others are around. I’ve added Dayton, Ohio to my list of visits for the Wright Brothers house. I want to continue reading historical books to get ideas of where I want to visit. Knowing a place’s history makes visiting the spot more appealing.

Anyways, tomorrow I’ll be flying back to Kansas City. I’ll have Sunday – Most of Tuesday to relax at home. Then I’m off to Colorado.



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