Portland is my Gold Rush


Like the men and women who left their farm with a dream of hitting it big did, I am thinking about moving to Portland with a dream of self actualization. I’ve never been before but the descriptions I’ve heard have captivated my soul. 

I gave myself an ultimatum. I’m going on 27 now. I will either settle down in a quaint house in downtown Kansas City or I move. If I settle down here, I will ALWAYS question my decision. If I move, well, a black screen appears when i think about that. Because I don’t know what will happen if u move.

On impulse, I may or may not purchase Portland tickets tonight for thanksgiving…solo. 

What better way to learn if u can make it other than to spend your holiday in a city that is unknown to you. Can you survive the loneliness? 

Ill have to read onto other peoples experiences. 


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