Official Updates on Past Topics


Hello. I haven’t been doing a great job of updating this blog because I’ve been making it a habit to write in a journal before bed each night. I’m torn between blogging and writing. Blogging allows me to feel like I could be heard and I can write more, but, what if technology changes one day and all this is lost? Writing hurts my hands so I don’t get to write as much, but I do write more purposeful. Also, there is no appeal of being on stage with writing in a journal. I don’t know if anyone will ever read this, but I think I have good advice in my posts and it makes me feel good to think about someone stumbling on it and finding it helpful one day in the future. Anyways, that explains the long gap between my posts. I did read through a about 4 or 5 most recent post and decided I wanted to write an update. This will be a very long post.

Original Life Laws and effects:

  1. I shall not let this body starve. It has done nothing but work for me for the past 26 years. If you’re hungry body, I got you
    • I’ve binge a few weekends but have been able to refocus on energy on health by the third day. I’ve not let my body starve even after a bing.
  2. I shall not let this body lose control. The world is built for bingers so I will be strong and motivate you to work out daily. Exercise makes you feel good, and it makes you look better than you not working out. Two pluses
    • I have let my body lost control a few times, but I have been working on still on a regular basis. Intensity varies.
  3. I shall not greet myself by staring at my reflection whenever I can. I will instead be driven by feeling, rather than what I see
    • I recognized that I started to look into the mirror more in passing so I refocused my efforts on that
  4. I shall not let “sexy” be any sort of goal in dress and behavior
    • I’ve done very well here, I am no longer sexy… the possible discouragement here is now I feel not attractive at all – unless I actually put effort into it.
  5. I shall not procrastinate. Shoving so much to do in little time creates stress. It messes up your entire schedule and it will take great effort to stabilize once again.
    • I recognize the tiny changes here. I have been doing more before deadline or at least meeting the deadline. I’ve set work related reading goals for myself that I’ve met.
  6. I shall not be complacent. I will not stop pushing myself to uncomfortable limits. One day, what was uncomfortable will become comfortable and I’ll be off to more challenging things. Aim for grunts and sweat waterfalls.
    • I slightly getting back into this with running. My menstruation really hindered my endurance. I recognized it for the first time this cycle.

Work Life contentment:

Currently I feel oceans better than I did the first week of work. I have more autonomy and feel myself becoming smarter in understanding the job. I’ve set up my room to be almost exactly to my liking. My dark wooded desk faces the open window straight on. There is a palm tree like plant (purchased today) to the left of my laptop. I have the most perfect picture of the beach (that I took) right next to the plant. On the picture, there is a man holding his surfboard and walking across the sand in the middle of the image. Above him, at a closer view is a seagull caught with his wings in down position, ready to push up against the wind. I remember taking that photo in San Diego when Kevin was with me. I was so excited about the picture but Kevin didn’t seem so. It’s my most favorite picture that I took. I get up between 7am – 745am and start working at 8. I still only have 3 campaigns to write a day, Tim (my first buddy) has been assigned 8. I am still waiting on my ramp up. I was gone at the gym for a couple hours today then worked at the dog park for a couple hours. That flexibility is something I has changed my outlook on employment. I love it dearly. I hope to maintain or make even better my flexibility and ability to time manage/organize my work.

While on the topic of work, I met up with a group of old co-workers from 40Digits. I, Vien Huynh, was brave enough to have lunch with the job that tore me up for months. The people that came were: Megan, Tim, Dave, Preston, DJ, Brett, Will, Geoffrey, and Luke. It was a very pleasant lunch. I was just getting over my period as well so I felt even more free. I hope to meet them again soon.

Well, that’s as much as I want to write about tonight.


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