Portland Still On My Mind


I went on a – let me look at the map – little over 8 mile run down. The route: down Southwest Boulevard, turned left on Main Street (passing Barkley) into City Market, back on Grand, down to Crown Center (ran into a relay run Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure), and back home. I ran pretty well for the most part, I walked for parts. The main idea in my mind the whole time was Dave, ok – he wasn’t the main thing. But he was there. The main main thing was visiting and living in Portland. I’m buying tickets today to go over Thanksgiving.

I still doubt myself in my most confident moments. Let me list out the reasons to encourage my heart. The first bite I’m taking is the visit to Portland over Thanksgiving. The doubts I have in taking those days off is that my family won’t be happy with me not being there. I’ve done a good job being there, though, throughout the years where others may have not been able. One holiday isn’t doesn’t mean I don’t love my family. Going over the holiday, though, could mean more in that I’ll know what it’s like to be alone in times where you’re suppose to be with family and friends.

I want to visit and possibly live in Portland because I want to keep experiencing new things. Most of society’s advancements happen in cities – and that’s because people are most diverse and at an abundance in the city. That mixture encourages innovations and collaborations. I want to move to Portland to maybe find more people like me. I know it’s romantic to think Portland would be any different than Kansas City but I’ll never know if I don’t try. Maybe it is different. 

Another reason I want to move to Portland is, the lonesomeness is appealing to me. The pass me would think me crazy for even thinking about playing with loneliness, but the current Vien thinks I’m ready to test my strength in curiosity and potential.

Pause really quick, I have a brunch date with Tiffany and Hana at 11, it’s 10:22 and I’m still smelly from my run. I’ll post a pic of our lunch.

The brunch is pushed back 15 mintues, so I have 10ish minutes to kill. I just got off of the phone with Mo. I don’t want her to get lost in the life of business, I want to keep her talking to me and me be someone she can call on for help (with stress). I brought up Portland to her, her reaction was “I want to go!”, then she asked if I was thinking of going there. It was on the tip of my tongue to tell her “actually, I want to live there”, but I didn’t want her to form any judgments yet, not till I’ve done my research and create a plan. The great news about California is that I could drive 10 hours to go see my family with my dogs. Hopefully, I’ll have a companion to make that trek at that point

I just got back from lunch with Tiffany and Hana at Vietnam Cafe. Today was meant to be a nostalgic day. I met up with girlfriends I see sparingly and is so valuable when I do get to see them. I saw Tricia Swear whom was a high school classmate eating at Vietnam Cafe. It felt like she (a white girl from the suburbs) has entered my world (a restaurant I grew up with that did appeal to a lot of white folks in the early thousands. I saw Chi Thao, who I use to work with and now own the shop. And then I saw Cindy – an old co worker from my days at Glo Nail Lounge. She now has an 8 year old boy, a  2 year old girl (Emily), is married (in her mid forties) and is now renting her own booth instead of working at a salon. She’s a smart one to get out of the machine.

An update on Tiffany and Hana:

Tiffany: Is currently looking for a new job, is happy in her current relationship, has an interview with VML on Thursday.

Hana: Is currently doing nails, has a 6 week travel plan to Vietnam and Thailand, she’s meeting up with a “Thanh” for 4 weeks there?

I bid my goodbyes and am now home. I have a few to-do items that I thought of during my run this morning. They are:

  • Get rid of vienhuynh.com – copyright infringement
  • Make mom and dad a simple website
  • Buy tickets to Portland
  • Asana, buy postcards to use as invites to going away party
  • Start organizing and trashing things for the move (Keep in mind this task. Won’t do today)

First thing I’m going to do is the worst, figure out how to take down vienhuynh.com. Next I’ll look at tickets to Portland, then I’ll start a really simple website for my folks.


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