Positive Reminders

Appreciate AIB for:

  • Challenges me to critically think for a long period of time
  • Challenges my insecurities when it comes to ability
  • Flexibility to work from home and maintain sense of independence


  • The SM role change will require more meetings

Traits to improve on:

  • Confidence in providing honest opinion whether it is positive OR negative
  • Let go of worry derived from own anxiety. Stress is worrying about the future. Understand that the future (tomorrow even) is not guaranteed. Only the time that has past is guaranteed.

Helpful quotes during stressful periods:

  • Don’t get comfortable with the current reality because every second, your reality is changing.
  • Be honest & considerate in stressful conversations. Your honesty should encourage their honesty. When both are speaking honestly, less is left to the negative imagination & both can see a more clear picture. Strokes made by both artists.
  • Keep your cool, the more heated the conversation the more misunderstandings there are left to be corrected.
  • Learn to work productively with the anxious heart

For Growth:

  • Test boundaries on creativity
  • Never think you’re out of bad ideas



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