I went on a 4.5 run this morning at 7am. I got back at 830am and showered, made breakfast, fed the dogs, and started work on my backyard.

At work, the main gig right now is testing out an idea of mine (inserting email form onto the email campaign). Also, I am now apart of the Creative department for AIB. CREATIVE DEPARTMENT… I’m nervous they’ll find out that I am not as knowledgeable as what’s been sold. I am, though, really looking forward to letting my creativity lead my work life.

I’ll try to update you on how well my idea does.

Also, I am the worst at spilling things. I was on a call with my Big and Shane is in town to work with her. She said he was stressing her out earlier so I asked if he is stressing her out, her reaction told me he might have heard… In my defense, she said he was working in the kitchen, she had earphones on, and the door looked closed. SURPRISE…he might have heard because: he may have been in the room, the earphone was not plugged into the computer… I am dying and so embarrassed. I tried to save it by adding later, ‘I know you’d be stressed if we worked together..’ and ‘I wish I got to meet Shane’. I don’t know if I saved it, but I feel I am so bad at this filter.

Today’s plan:

  • Complete work, will get in the zone shortly
  • Dog park with Emily after work
  • Read up on why the body fights to gain weight

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