Crazy, I am


Sometimes I feel crazy, I have to stop myself from thinking I am, and all that I’ve thought about myself, of others, and of life is wrong. I had dinner with Emily F. today. I felt like I was talking too much or expressing myself terribly, and I felt like I was trying to be someone else.

I don’t know…

I know it’s all coming from me and my calculations on expressions and body language. Work was a bit stressful today as well – all coming from my head again. I don’t want to be big headed, and I feel I’ve become so with work just because people say nice things. Today I spent most of the day organizing my Gmail and Asana. I got a new list today so my load went up, which is fine, but I did not like how I organized things. We had a demo on organizing and it was actually really helpful.

I hope to stay on top of things, and I hope to keep Digit Stress at bay. In order to do so, I must:

  • Stay organized, stay on top of Gmail and Asana upkeep
  • Stay ahead with campaign creations
  • Stay fit
  • Stay nutritional
  • Continue to play guitar
  • Continue to read
  • Continue to do this, expression through writing

Anyways, I’m off to knock out point #2…


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