I’m sitting at Mud Pie, working from here for the first time. Lily’s boyfriend, Andrew, works here. The coffee shop was once a house with colorful walls. I can’t blog as well with work on my mind : (

Anyways, I just thought I’d jot this thought down that I’m trying to use to combat my feelings. I reached out to Gregg asking about something. This something I feel I should know well by now, and I feel dumb for asking the questions. But, I just want to know to do my job better. I’m not understanding what he’s saying and it makes me feel even worst. I must, though. I can’t forget that I NEGOTIATED my salary! I worked at 40Digits that was so out of my league, I formed great colleague relationships and hope to continue it with 40Digits, I am smart and capable. It’s ok to keep asking questions until you understand. Sometimes, the reason you don’t understand something is because you and the other person communicate differently. Think about it, you’re two animals communicating with each other.

Tomato timer just pulled me out of break…brb.

Ok, Gregg had me hop on a call with him and he explained it to a point where I get the just of it. Good call on reaching out to him, Vien. Right now, I just volunteered for two slot coverages as a way to challenge myself… I hope I don’t become overwhelmed. I’ll have to update you when it’s done.

This coffee shop makes me feel like I’m in Portland already. So I was thinking on my drive. A thought I had that makes me not want to move to Portland is that once I’m there, it’s not going to be really different from here. If I can’t meet anyone here, why would I there? I came up with a reason. It’s not the place you are in, but what situation you’ve put yourself in. For example, putting myself in Portland provides me with no connections, no friends, no knowledge of the city, no routines I could follow like I do here. It’s going to be foreign. I’ll have to figure it all out myself and with people I’ll meet. Here, I’m comfortable, I don’t put myself in uncomfortable situations. This makes me really excited for Portland in November. Oh that’s right, I officially purchased tickets. I’ll depart on the 24th and return the 29th. I have to figure out what I’m doing with Chester & Cheeto, I need to book my AirBnB’s before it fills up since Thanksgiving will be popular.

WHOA – I forgot about this post yesterday…actually, I forgot about a lot of things yesterday…

I forgot to eat dinner, about the dogs, and about working out. I was very focused and zoned in to what I was doing. Which is in the direction I like to be. But, I do have to make sure I don’t become zombie to work. I enjoy it, but I don’t want to resent it. My thought today is to make sure I know what I’m doing everyday (in regards to work). This takes planning and working ahead when I fall behind. I did that yesterday. I wrote so many campaigns AND I had resends and coverage for two slots. This morning I got what I needed done in writing camps…but I still have resends to do AND a creative assignment.

I will give myself to work until 4 today (which is later than I want) but it’ll get me caught up.

So..take away is to:

  1. Stay focused when working
  2. Accept challenges and be courageous
  3. Plan Plan Plan
  4. Work ahead to get caught up, then stay on top of it
  5. Maintain the life balance



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