I get it, I’m sensitive

I wish I wasn’t.

Who I want to be:

  • Calm and collected
  • High ability to stay focused on task at hand
  • Worry about my own things
  • Smart
  • Make rational choices

Things I like that encourages these points:

  • Running
  • Watching science shows
  • Practice skills such as guitar
  • Ability to stop self from diving too deep in thought

Who I don’t want to be:

  • Sensitive to lack of communication on others part
  • Boy/love crazy
  • Catty
  • Someone who is lead by assumptions made of self and others

Things that encourage these unwanted behaviors:

  • Making too quick decisions
  • Thinking too much
  • On my phone too much
  • Stop focusing too much

Ok – back to work i go.

I’ve just been so so so so sensitive this whole weekend. I hate it so much. My eyes are telling me negative things and it tears me down emotionally. I recognize it now though, I try to fight it off and pretend like everything is ok with others. But inside, I’m screaming – “DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG?”. I hate this issue.

I must remember to be kind to myself. Kindness and love..the type I want to show others and for others to show me. Kindness and love. Not grudges or cold shoulders. Kindness and love. Not grudges or cold shoulders.

Don’t make things an issue until they are an issue.



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