Shitty people

I realize on my drive home that in a shitty person trying to unshit my past shits…

I’ve been trying to live this ‘good life’. I do the right things. I show up. I apologize. I battle my asshole self with my Confucius self on a daily basis.

I don’t need to hide it anymore.

Who am I trying to live my life for anyways..

I’ve done some fucked up shit in my life. Because that’s who I am. Its apart of me. I don’t want to ignore its existence.. I am not this intellegent, logical, and wise girl. I’m a little bit of it. But I’m also petty, jealous, and have issues dealing with emotions…

But its all me.

I’m not a wise person.. I’m not creative.. I’m not a good girl or daughter, I’m not a good friend. At my funeral they will say what they want by I am by no means above average.

I strive to aim for average…at the very mos.

But then. I’m also highly contradicting


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