: I’m pretty wrapped up in Billy… I don’t know what my goal is here, ultimately I’d like to end up really happy.

Work: Kick my commitment up a notch. I’ve been putting in 90% because it’s easy to. I want to kick it to 100%. That will help with practicing focus.

Health: Continue my eating one meal a day trend. It’s been great so far, I’m down to 151 lbs. My goal is to reduce belly fat, arm fat, and thigh fat. I want to be fit with good stamina.

Art: Continue to explore hobbies. I’m all over the place almost with guitar, drawing, writing, photoshop, and more I’m sure. I want to really focus on one or two things, and get really good at it.

Relationships: I try not to think about this anymore… relationships use to be the biggest reason I get anxious. I still am afraid who I truly am will/are pushing people away…but this is the happiest I’ve been. I have to be doing something right…right?


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