Conversations of Heart & Mind

If you asked my heart what it wants to do in life, it will tell you it wants to live in creativity (music):

Mind: But, heart, how can we plan to write music as a legit hobby if we don’t even finish our songs completely?

Heart: We could finish our songs if you would get out of our way…

Mind: What do you mean?

Heart: Each time we start and semi finish, you stop because you start thinking of other people’s opinions..

Mind: This is true…

Heart: We love music, it’s a form of expression…you and I are very emotional people and music is our outlet… I guess the next question is…why do you want to share the music? Why can’t we just write and keep it private?

Mind: That’s a very good question… if we don’t share then no one can tell us what we already think, that we’re shit. Once that happens, we might be at a loss for what to do next. But, I want to share so that we can get that validation…that what we create is something others understand and connect with… without it, I feel a bit lost..what am I suppose to do with our lives?

Heart: It’s hard when you put out what you’ve worked hard on only to be told it’s not really good at all.

Mind: Yeah, that is really tough. I think that’s why you’re having a hard time shutting Billiam’s door…



I gave my all to Billy, he says nothing in response… that is rejection in its purest form. I’m still alive, I’m coping. I can deal with rejection.

I can deal with rejection. 

Rejection is the prerequisite for success.

Mind: So you can’t get over Billiam because that was you putting your hard work out there only to be told it’s shit…well, not told even…basically your work was ignored…your feelings weren’t acknowledged. That sucks. That sucks for anyone…I’m sorry Heart.

Heart: Yeah, and I think that’s why I am trying so hard to change his mind…like, no, you got it wrong, I’m actually really great! Tell me I am great…

Mind: Perhaps you weren’t great, well, the proof is there that you weren’t. I was there to make sure you weren’t…I’m sorry heart. I don’t know why he didn’t like us, but perhaps I tried too hard to protect you. So maybe, it was me that wasn’t great. Heart, you are a wonderful thing whereas I, I am weak. I need to work on myself.

Heart: We’re in this together Mind, you did what you thought was right. I love you for that. Let us tackle life well together. I’ll be there to remind you to be honest, confident, and to be kind to yourself. You will be there to remind me to be strong when things don’t go our way and to continue to learn and grow.

Mind: Good deal, Vien, I love you.


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