Vien, I love you.

I say this each time he pops into my head. I’m at the kitchen counter, ready to knock out serious work. I’ve been postponing to do items because I fear I’m too stupid to tackle tasks management assigns me outside of my regular expectations… that’s a real thing. I want to stop that.

Yesterday I brought up, if not love then what else? It’s that darkness I must walk into. I have to walk into it… but I’m not alone. I have my parents, my siblings, my friends, and my future love. Billy was a way for me to de-focus, he seemed to have his shit together…he was an easy person to obsess over. Today, I will begin my efforts of obsessing over improving my skills and fitness.


  • Patience
  • Weight, Current: 149 (woohoo!), Goal: 135 (11 lbs to go)
  • Work: Stay on top of it, never behind
  • Love: Let it be
  • Guitar: Cover songs and cover them well

Good luck today Vien, I love you.


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