Stay Humble

I like reading over the note Tim and Dave wrote me. It makes me feel really good each time. It reminds me though, I don’t want to ever reach out to anyone with the intention of stroking my own ego. I almost did that yesterday with Tim, just to ask a simple question…I wanted to stroke my own ego.. I typically get disappointed each time I do that – which knocks me off my pedestal.

Stay humble in this journey of sharpening your mind and image. 


We are directed in life by decisions we make based off of our perception of what we think is the truth. Two routes we can take, the negative perception or the positive perception. Both imagined by what we think are truths based on what we’ve seen and personal experience. 

I meant to start that as a way to make myself feel better about my stupidity with Billy. Is it stupidity? There’s got to be some weight, some meaning to us – something that keeps me waiting here. There’s got to be more, I’m smarter than this.

Aren’t I?




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