Next Steps


  • I want to invest to get Chester trained
    • He’s a smart guy and needs that stimulation
    • I don’t want him to be a bad dog
    • Great long term investment
  • I want to start a design class
    • I want to get back into classroom learning
    • It would improve my skills 
    • It would let me be social and meet new people
  • I want to sign up for a marathon
    • I’ve been running a lot. This one might not stick…
  • I want to buy another design book
    • I should choose between a book or a class
  • Should I go back to school?
    • I thought about doing research on heartbreak – to help with mine, so it might  be just an of the moment thought
  • Read into persuasion & negotiations
    • I want to have a better grasp over my emotions
    • Better understand my own feelings to understand others
    • Start getting what I want : )

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