Eternally 143.4

This has been my weight for two weeks now…I’ve plateaued..which I suppose is success in itself!

My end goal is 125, although, I feel this might be too thin. Yesterday I went shopping with Karen and nothing smacks you with reality more than a full length mirror in a terribly lit fitting room…

I thought I was looking mighty fine, but my reflection told me there’s more work to do. Please save any, “oh no, you look great!”s… I am very happy with my progress, I just know there’s more work to do.

I don’t know, for certain, what I need to do to lose the next 18 pounds…

I don’t eat a whole bunch, mainly soup and nuts these past few days. I also work out everyday. I could turn both up a notch, perhaps.

What’s my end goal, once I hit my goal? What’s it all for?

So far it’s been worth it because of the ‘no shits given’ feeling I’ve had… I know, I don’t want to over do it, but I’ve lived too long giving too many shits that now, it feels good to let it roll off. I’m more honest with people…I may be pushing some away but more will come for who I truly am.

But what’s the end goal?

There isn’t really one, I guess. The end goal is to just create a life that I love to live and that includes no limitation due to physical fitness.. the end goal is to..share this life I’ve created with a man that I love with all my heart. The end goal is to have children and love them unconditionally while maintaining my own healthy life, I don’t ever want to hide behind body fat again.




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