What makes them so special.

They poop. They fart. They pick their noses. They’re selfish. Just like the rest of us.

My whole life I’ve obsessed over men. I’ve placed them on this damn pedestal. Why? I don’t fucking know. I’m sure its daddy issues. Do I care to dive deep? Fuck no. I’m tired of it.

I don’t want to be this girl anymore. I am retiring my rose colored glasses in search of something more clear. Like…solving world hunger… I kid.. But something more meaningful than chasing relationships that make me feel desperate just to create the illusion of increased self worth and validation. What the fuck are they validating me for? To be human? I’m not able to be human without a stamp of validation? Fuck that.

I’m not waiting on replies anymore. I’m not going to feel obligated to respond. I don’t care how I make you feel. I’m not going to be considerate. Or nurturing. Or sweet. Or friendly. Who the fuck said I have to be so on this life. I’ll be that person for those I really love…everyone else can fuck themselves. And that includes what’s his face. 

I’m bitter…or perhaps I’m growing as I need to. 

I don’t want anyone in my life. I’ve lived 26 years and the years I spent single have been the best years of my life. 


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