New Orleans and Dissapointment

I’m on a plane heading to Nola here in a little bit. This weekend will be interesting… I’m a little worn out with expectation and disappointment with work relationship and love relationship. Sometimes my imagination starts to go wild and I think I’m going to meet someone great…that never happens.

Hmm…so I think the solution is to lower my expectation and do as this blog is titled…aim for average. 

I’ll aim for an average weekend. Anything extra will be profit but not expected. Same with love…

I don’t even want to say why I’m blue… Dude takes forever to reply… Highly certain its the side effect of ‘girl I ain’t interested’. So its happening..rejection #2 (not fully but I’m just gonna call it)

So lower expectation and take what is given… Aim for Average and never be disappointed. 

The key is also to not take things to heart…and not to invest it all either. Will that make me a cold person?

I don’t know if I like that either..

I’ll contemplate it.

I met an older guy on the plane that taught me about photo reading. I’m going to look into that. We also had a good conversation about the Vietnam War and society. Good gem convo.


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