139.8 & More on Mommy Issues

Weight Loss:

I haven’t been this weight since… I don’t even remember. It’s lighter than the weight I got down to in college. I believe, when I started this journey I was close to hitting 170 lbs. I broke up with Kevin in May, and I believe at that point I was at least  165 lbs. Which means I’ve reduced my fat cells by at least 26 lbs in the span of 5 months… which averages to about 5 pounds a month. That is, if I was only 165 lbs. starting out.


I cannot believe I actually lost weight coming back from New Orleans…3 lbs. at least.

Final Reduction & Maintenance:

My only grievance are my breasts, they are droopy in some angles…I’ll just have to get use to that in exchange for a fitter body overall. The key to maintenance is emotional regulation. I cannot get myself into another unfulfilling relationship which would lead to binging either out of boredom or uncertain feelings. I will continue to exercise almost every day and keep running as my main sport.

Mommy Issues:

Step 1: Recognize issue and thoughts

Step 2: Reduce these thoughts in order to form better trust with female friends.

During my Nola trip, I realize I was more comfortable talking to guys than to girls – I knew they would be attracted to me so it’s easier to get into their good graces. Instead, I don’t want to think about attraction. I want to form better relations with women instead of men especially since women are who I am scared of due to my relationship with my mom.


Happy Wednesday.



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