Love, Remember This…

It is important to date around. It’s not promiscuous behavior. There’s a difference between dating around and sleeping around. Dating around is being open to new attractions while being mindful that you are not in a relationship and not intimate with these people. Sleeping around is doing the deed before anything else is established (which most often, in my experience, causes heartbreak or reduced self-esteem).

When you value what you have to give in a relationship and are confident boosted by your ability to focus on things outside of romantic love, you will probably get more suitors. I had this thought during my run this morning. I will update you and let you know if it’s true as I aim to tackle that tasks of:

  • Complete workload this week
  • Start developing ATM site

Up next:

  • Songwriting
  • Guitar learning

I’ll keep in mind to not be surprised when someone is attracted to me as well so that initial attraction isn’t a free ticket into my heart.

You should date around because it can also be fun. It doesn’t have to be painful. The key is to remember you are only dating. In remembering that, you must not be overly physical, affectionate, or complimentary as to not lead the other person on unless it’s genuine. 

Get to know people you are attracted to on a friendship level, then if you feel it’s right, make a choice and take it deeper. I don’t want to lose out on an amazing person because I’m feeling desperate to find someone to love me. For example 4CW… he would be someone I’d like to get to know. Hell, you are spending most of your life with this person, might as well make sure you know yourself enough before you make the final decision.

I know, romance is still on my mind. But I think I’m growing in the right direction. I’m just writing about it so that I can remember this.


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