Keep it Going

You have thoughts of encouragement and discouragement. If you don’t stop them, you become overconfident or overly insecure. Life’s journey includes finding the balance between the two. Know that neither thoughts, really, have any weight to them. They’re all imagined by you and your reality. Which is completely different than the next guys.

Anyways. I’m feeling a little low today. Always insecure, but I don’t let it show or act upon my insecurities anymore. I’m feeling low, but I’m feeling more true to myself than ever before.

I have to keep looking forward. This week my goal was to frontload work, and I’m doing so pretty well. We’ll see how productive I remain end of the week.

The whole reason to frontload is to have more time to work on the ATM site and my music. To develop my focusing skill and continue to improve my guitar skills.

Ok. Back to work.

Not back to work.

You know, Barb must think I’m distant because I’m a pothead. No, I am distant because I’ve realized my life it a little better in the distance. I don’t know, I am harsh on people, and I am a spiteful person. But that’s something I’m working on personally. It’s just, I don’t like BS anymore and I don’t like fluff.

Anyways…back to work.


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