I’m Craving Again

I am craving more so now because I am on my period. Also, because setting up the WordPress with a template is challenging. I’ve gotten the account set up, purchased the template and have stopped there. I fell asleep reading over “how to’s” on customization… I think that challenge just made me hungrier…

I also was planning on going home to see my niece but found out she’s in the hospital for jaundice. She’ll be ok but my mom asked if I wanted to come home. I only said yes so I can see her as well… now my mom’s going to be upset that I didn’t come home. But I don’t want to tell her I’ll come home later this week instead because she’ll expect it and I’m the worst at keeping my dates coming home. Which, is terrible – because if it were plans with WHF, I wouldn’t break it – anyways. Blah.

What should I do now? I don’t want to start the site again, I’ll schedule what I aim to do each weekend, this weekend, I had “schedule out tasks” for this weekend. Next weekend I’ll figure out the photos page as I’ll have access to photos. Once I set up the photos page, the videos page will be easier.

I already walked 4 miles this morning so working out may be overkill. I thought about hitting the gym but I might be sidetracked because the trainer there may be interested in me and I don’t want that to get to my head or for me to believe it at all too much.

Ah – my breasts are… has excess skin. I don’t like how it sits in a bra sometimes. I feel it may be gross to some people. This is going to be a self conscious battle from here on out. Also, my thighs have always been bigger, will that be saggy as well?

I have to use the restroom and I’m thirsty – so those are two things I must tackle. I’ll play a little guitar afterwards… then I don’t know. I’ll smoke and read or something.. maybe write some word prompts. I don’t want to go home because I know what will be there when I come home and without my niece, it’ll be stressful.

Ok..I’ll update you tomorrow on my binge avoidance.


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