Weekend Thus Far

Friday night I spent with Lily and the family, Saturday night I went out with Lorence, Pip and their cousin & uncle. We ended up at a piano bar that our crew seldom go to. Yesterday I also spent about 3 hours bedridden, one hour before that I was throwing up and having bathroom issues due to my terrible cramp episode.

I called for Lorence to come help, although, there’s isn’t much she could do to make me feel better. When I have these episodes I am completely out of it and respond very weakly and little. My body goes into toxic detox, I get really hot and start sweating, then I get really cold. The cold is when I know it’s about over. It’s crazy how much my body goes through during that time. It’s over now, and I’m so happy for it. I must see a doctor about it.

Today is Sunday. I plan to run long distance, then clean my pups soiled kennel, clean (again) the carpet he soiled a few days ago. Then I intend to begin the music website. We changed from building ground up and instead will purchase a WordPress template. I’m much happier about this route and I think the end product will be much better.

I hope to visit Lily again, at some point today. We have someone coming to stay the night tonight (sorority) to head to the airport in the morning. Hopefully, Lorence and her family will be back from the Chiefs game so I can go see Lily.

That’s my weekend. Have a great weekend wherever you are.


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