If everyday were like today you’d weigh 148.9 in 5 weeks. Current 142.6

I was 139 yesterday morning. My tummy is having the morning after binge hunger pain. On the bright side, 142 is still under the plateau I had at 143. Interestingly 143 now looks like a heavy number when it once was a number I thought I never would see again. 

After last night, I now give myself permission to go head on in this fitness challenge of mine. Meaning, I’m doing what it (healthily) takes to have a more define stomach. 

Last night’s binge was one I could have avoided but didn’t want to… Typically I feel I can’t avoid it.. But yesterday I wanted to talk with Lorence and she was going to McDonald’s and I had the munchies. 

I don’t feel guilty about eating too much again.

I don’t feel guilty about making the most out of my flexible schedule

I won’t feel guilty about being an inadequate friend 

I won’t feel guilty about making choices where fitness is my priority

As Friday is today I must remain diligent. The weekends are most hard for me in keeping my fitness resolve but with the personal growth I’m experiencing its becoming easier and easier to face a potential lonely weekend. 

Ill update tomorrow on today’s progress. Tomorrows weight goal is 140. 


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