Electrons & Breaking Through Cement

If you are single, you haven’t found your electron yet. I’m using electron as the word for your soul mate. I don’t believe in one soulmate, but I do believe in the existence of a mate that truly understands your soul, a best friend.

You both have yet to meet maybe because your sparks are hidden beneath layers that cemented over time due to unchallenged beliefs. These layers make it impossible for your electron to sense where you are. What this means is that your energy hasn’t been able to make its way from your soul, through your pores, and onto other people yet. Ironically, singledom may be the best cure to that hard and raw love we seek.

To attract people who will enhance your life experience, you must get your sparks released. How can likes attract likes if: A. You don’t even know what you like and B. That energy isn’t there for likes to be attracted to you?

Makes sense right? So how do we release this energy to attract likes you ask… The answer sounds so much easier than it may be. You must first actually know your soul first. Don’t think of not “knowing yourself” as the reason for feeling lost. You have not been lost, all your life. If you are prone to self reflection and growth, you’ve been on a journey of understanding your soul. The side effects of that can be disguised as lostness.

Your soul has an energy that is wanting to seep through to affect the life around you. If you feel miserable, it may be because this energy is running out of room within you and is feeling uncomfortable. You feel unfulfilled because you haven’t let it out yet. Your soul demands to be seen, heard, and valued. It can’t be these things unless you vow to recognize the need for it and put action to words. Through self examination, now, you will begin to know your soul a little bit more and more until it lives on the surface of your skin and everyone knows it. This will happen if you believe in it. Don’t undermine that pain you felt growing up and the affects it has on you now. But also, don’t fall into cycles of victimhood because victimhood implies you are in some way more special than others. Bad happenings can fall upon anyone. Also, victimhood and self-pity are excuses as to why you may be miserable and may hinder you from actually growing. Just do what you must to move towards a healthier future. Self examination is a definite possible way.

* This only applies to afflictions made that correlates to low-self esteem and the feeling of lostness. There are true crimes and true victims that I can in no way speak for.

Self examination can help those who suffer, by questioning the finger that pulled the trigger. Negative beliefs and criticism might as well be regarded as the bullet – unless – you try to better understand the origin of the bullet. Once you question the finger, the negative beliefs and criticism may become, merely, another person’s opinion. For example, dad wanted me to be a doctor and anything less was a disappointment. I didn’t question him, and because I was an average Jane, I let that disappointment kill me. Once I started questioning the finger instead of myself I was able to accept what I wanted to be instead of what he wanted me to be.

If you want your energy to show through in order to attract people you want to have in your life, you must break through the layers that solidified over the years through self examination and love. Purpose life to live freely instead of confined by caution and spite. To do this, you must trust yourself during examinations, when it gets too painful, take a break and go at it again the next day.

Crushing these layers is no easy feat but you must realize what you seek in others is a true definition of who you want to be. Learn to love others as yourself for we are all the same person just looking through a different lense.


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