Remember This…

I’m glad I kept messages so I know what happened and how I felt if I am ever forced to question my actions in the future, and my resolve to letting him go was also questioned. To be direct, if he ever tries to guilt me for breaking off communication…

After he said no to commitment, I still texted him. I invited him to dinner when I was in New Orleans in October – that’s why we had dinner at Zocolo and why he sent the I had a good time text.

I then texted him, perhaps a week or two after for dinner. He responded, again, hours later with “I’m pretty lit from the chiefs game”. That combined with seeing pictures of his girl activites pushed me to change my number. Not so that he can’t reach me, it’s so I would stop waiting for that text from a number that’s embedded into my mind.

Why must it feel so good to ruminate about heartbreak? That’s my issue right now. Stop writing about it and start living! If I keep writing and questioning – I’ll live in a loop. Writing, too, can be a dangerous hobby.


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