Day 17

Today was a B day. I was productive with Alex’s site but my Big did do all my work today.

I’m typing on my phone in bed so I don’t feel like typing too much.

I worked with her most of the day. Oh, Victor got me a Starbucks gift card..that was really sweet of him.

My big and I then got Vietnam cafe. We had pretty conversations. Then we went to grandmas house. Afterwards I went to angies with the Moore’s. Dinner was splendid. It was chicken orzo.

Went home..dropped twin off at harpos then went to the store with Lola so she could get stuff to make jam.

As a creature of habit having visitors in town throws me off. I recognized it today and made it a point to realize that may throw my mentality off. It didn’t so much and it might be because I recognized it.

Choosing to not think of things that make me sad worked today. When started thinking about things I quickly (most of the time) brushed it away by asking myself..why are you thinking this..and does it do you any good? That has typically helped stopped feeling down. I’ve been listening a lot to shakira. I’m going to start belly dancing. I want a legit place too where I could perform. I need some performing in my life.

Tomorrow is another opportunity to kick ass. Catch you then.


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