No Feeling is Final


Pushing myself to not curl up in a ball of self-pity served me well. I was 80% productive yesterday and tackled needed tasks. Although, I could have done more, as always. Today is off to a slow but more positive start.

Last night I made sure to talk to my Little and refrained from spilling too much on my end. I want to be there for her without her needing to feel like she needs to support me, at least not right now. I’ll do the same tonight.

I’ve been talking to Erin like I usually do as well so I don’t linger on petty things. I want to work on not taking things personal, not looking too deeply into people’s reactions and behavior to influence the value I have in myself.

Today I must work well, and I must get somewhere with the Woocommerce portion of Alex’s site. I have been dragging my feet as if there were magnets on the floor. I told my Big I’d have it done in two weeks (end of next week). It’s feasible if I actually put action to it.

Love – I am not as lonely as I was before in this arena. I don’t have anyone that I’m talking to right now, and it’s ok. That will come in time.

What I am focusing on, personally, is getting into the best shape of my life. I can see my abs beneath the jelly on my belly. I want to be able to do pull-ups. I want to be strong and my body to be efficient.

I also made a move to get Chester trained. Starting February 9th, I’ll be taking him once a week to get trained for 6 weeks. The most important thing I want from it is to better understand his wants/needs and for him to run well with me. We’d make a great running pair, and it’ll get him tired.

Once the site is off my shoulders, I’ll make another move towards my hobbies – either with music or dance. I will also pick up another site to do for someone. I enjoy doing it, and love knowing how to do it, but the challenge right now is being committed to learning and figuring everything out.

Have a great day wherever you are!


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