Sleep is for the Dreamer

Getting good rest has proven itself to be a difference between a productive day and an unproductive day for me. Last week, Chester and Cheeto have woken me almost every night between 2 and 4 a.m. I am a very light sleeper and getting back to sleep is even more of a challenge. This weekend was the fruit of the lack of sleep I’ve been having. I’ve been lazy and unproductive binging on thousands and thousands of unneeded calories. I already know that I get hungry when I am tired. If I don’t go to sleep after 11, I’ll want to eat. If I don’t sleep well and am tired the entire day, then I will want to binge the entire day. That was apparent yesterday when all I did was eat. My roommates and I just lounged around and snacked and ate…and snacked and ate.

We also went to watch La La Land which has become one of my favorite movies. Even though the ending wasn’t what I wanted to see. It was a beautiful movie. It made me want to pursue my own dreams, and reignited the desire to live in California. Our lease is up after July. That’s 6 months away. I don’t know if I want to resign and live again with my roommates. I love them all, but for my personal growth, I don’t know if staying with them and  in KC is the right decision. Plus, if I move, I could always come back. My roommates have provided a comfortable environment. Which I needed. But now, I want more, I want to be more. It’s not on them to help me be this, but it’s on me to search for a home that encourages it. I know myself, this little fire that is burning, will most likely burn into reality.

Back to yesterday’s binges…

I don’t feel guilty because it’s apart of who I am. I LOVE to eat. It doesn’t help that it is also the reason I gain weight. But, apart of who I am is a strong and relentless person. That’s why I’ve lost as much as I have and that’s why I will continue my journey towards a healthy body and mind. Yes, I felt guilty yesterday, but sometimes, we all need those days. We must cap it at a day or two every now and then.

This morning, I already felt loads better. That was a fruit of my intent on getting good rest last night. I took melatonin at about 11pm, plugged my ears with earplugs and wore and eye mask to sleep. It was easy to ignore Chester and Cheeto during the night. I woke a few times, but going back to sleep wasn’t a hassle with the plugged ears and darkness.

When I woke, I woke with a bang. I cleaned the messy house, including: my room, the bathroom, the living room, the kitchen, and the dishes. I wanted my roommates to wake to a clean house and didn’t want the task of cleaning it to be weighing on all of us through out the day. A clean space is the leg up we need to tackle what actually needs to be done that day. Such as, this website. I will finish it today. I am working on it after this entry.

What is left to do is to move from the domain I purchased to the domain he currently has. I also need to test out the paypal function. Upon finishing it, I will purchase myself a brand new phone. My current one, that I bought for under $200 is failing me, and I am failing it. I am quite a rough person with my stuff. This time, I am going to buy a good quality phone AND an otterbox.

Along with the phone, I made other purchases that I am excited about. I bought myself a bamboo lap desk, a laptop purse, I bought Kristina a new salad dressing maker as I broke hers while cleaning it, and I bought an Amazon Echo Dot…

Yes, I splurged quite a bit. But, I did get a good bonus this quarter. I am going to save the rest of my bonus and start a 401k plan as well. I’ve been slacking on that front.

That’s all for today.

Vien, I love you. Don’t you ever ever ever give up on your dreams.


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