Day 19 of the Month January, Year 2017

Hello Hello.

Since 8am, I worked on Alex’s music site. I cannot get the shipping cost to show up on the checkout page, nor can I get it to add to the total for some ridiculous reason. I took a mental break and am starting work. It’s noon – so it’s about time.

I felt a headache coming on so I went to make myself a sandwich. I wanted to binge, but I didn’t. I listened to a podcast about attachments.

It made me start thinking about my attachments to this project. What am I wanting from it? In finishing it, I wasn’t elated – although, it may be because I’m not completely done. I am attached to adulation. I must keep that in mind as I venture into my hobbies and as I pick and choose what I want to volunteer my time to.

After thinking about that, I sat in bed and meditated. I did fall asleep, though, as I didn’t get much rest last night with the music site to do. After that, I feel much better, much more calmer. I want to be a more calm, balanced, and detached person. I want attachments, of course, but I don’t want to be unhappy without them.

I am going to keep the peaceful mindset gained from meditating throughout the day. I prioritized my task items, mimicking yesterday’s method. I will work slowly and carefully through them all.

I’m not going to race through life anymore. I’m want to be more meticulous, less competitive, and purposeful. I know I am capable of a lot of things, now I want to devote that capability to a few things instead of many. The few things being:

  1. Personal development in writing and designing
  2. Adopting tasks and participate in things that drives me towards music

The goal of today will be:

  1. Produce quality designs
  2. Planned research in place
  3. Quality time with my family, today’s Ashly’s birthday too!

Have a great day wherever you are. Don’t give up on yourself and your endeavors and I won’t either. We can do this!


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